Valentine’s 2001: When I Tricked Jennifer

14 Feb
Valentine’s 2001: When I Tricked Jennifer

Ten years ago I tricked Jennifer into a “date.” Obviously it worked!

I had a crush on Jennifer from the time I met her at the Baptist Student Union in August 2000, but at Rolla there is a 5 guys to every 1 girl so I wasn’t even on her radar. That was until our paths crossed more and more. We ate lunch together almost every day along with 8 or so other BSU friends and hung out more with one of my friends from high school was in the same dorm as her.

Well with Valentine’s Day in 2001, I had 3 tests in one day. One test in the morning, one in afternoon, and one in the evening. That day was also Career Fair where I had to go for a class and try to get a summer internship. So it was a really busy and stressful day. It didn’t help when my teacher at my first test (Calculus III) was at lunch with the BSU gang and was grading my test at the other end of the table shaking his head. He was just teasing, but it didn’t help my nerves. What did help was after lunch on my way to career fair, I dropped off some heart shaped cookies into Jennifer’s car for her.

But with knowing that I had 3 tests coming up in one day, I bet Jennifer in motivation for me to get A’s on them. We would go out to dinner and if I got all A’s that she would have to pay for her dinner, but I didn’t get an A on all three tests, I would pay for it. I know I wasn’t really tricking her for its pretty obvious either way we are on a “date.”

So a week after Valentine’s Day 2001, we went out to dinner for the first time. I can’t remember the name, for it changed names many times and right now is called the Feed Lot. Excellent name for a sit down restaurant! But it was like an O’Charleys. It was a great dinner and I did end up paying for her dinner. We have now been together for a decade and married for 6.5 years. It’s been an awesome journey together and I’m looking forward to the next 53.5 years!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jennifer & Happy 10 years since we started “dating”!

One more thing, I might have paid for her dinner, but I won the bet and did get an A on all three tests! Plus I got an internship at MoDOT and got the girl so definitely a good Valentine’s Day!

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